An origanl is always worth more than a copy !!!

Hi guys hope you all are having a lovely week …. This week I really found out sometheing that I would love to share with you  

So it was this week when I got into an argument with a friend about how we have changed so much amd that we aren’t the same as when we became besties (aka thats you minnie) and well she had told me that I had changed and that now I was playing netball so I could become friends with the `poplar` group and it wasnt true …

Soon after that there was a rumor going on that the boy I liked who liked me back was dating another girl well of course this broke my heart

It wasn’t longer than a week after this I asked him if it was true but he told me it had just been a lie she was telling ,  I was relieved but what made me think that maybe  was he telling me a lie because of course everybody said it was obvious…..they were together….

He asked me out and he have now been dating for 5 monthes but we keep it a secret and nobody but my bestie knows

But the thing is that this is that rumour still haunts me is it true or was it true but what I’ve learnt is that it doesn’t matter and that u should just be yourelf and don’t listen to rumors they just lies that spread like flies …..                                 OK maybe I said that last part because it rhymed ; ) 

But forget about that and don’t give up expecially when everybody says you not good enough and when they tell you that you have changed into a different person and well change is a good thing , right ???

So remember to be you and nobody else because an ”original is always worth more than a copy”

Dont change so people will like you be yourself and the right people will love you

Have u felt this way ? If you have tell me about it in the comments below

LovingJade Leaving xxx

Being Forgetful can be Hurtful

Hi guys this is my very first blog … and Im so excited about it … I hope you guys will enjoy and feel the same about my stories 

So it happened to me lately that I got into big trouble at school because I had forgotten to do a project and ended up getting afternoon detension 😦 

  • Has that happend to you before?
  • Or have u forgotten something big like a project or a meeting or a speech
  • Or have you walked into a room and totally forgotton what u are doing in there
  • Or have you opened the fridge like a hundred times but still knowing there is nothing in there ….where all the food gone 😦

What I have learnt from this is that the best way to not forget something is by not worring aboutit and pre-packing (if its something for school….)And that you should become friends with being forgetful 😉

So thats all I have today please share your storiea with me of when you have forgotton something big 

LovingJade Leaving xxx